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ICTP-SAIFR Scientific Bulletin #11, July – September 2015

New FAPESP postdoctoral fellows

In July and October, José H. García (Univ. Fed. do Rio de Janeiro, right) and Ryo Suzuki (Oxford U., left) joined ICTP-SAIFR as FAPESP postdoctoral fellows. Dr. García works in the field of condensed matter theory and uses approximations based on polynomial expansions and density functional theory to investigate the electronic and transport properties of disordered systems. Dr. Suzuki works in the field of integrability and studies gauge theories such as supersymmetric Yang-Mills using the AdS-CFT correspondence.

School on QCD and LHC Physics

From July 22 - 31, the ICTP-SAIFR School on QCD and LHC Physics was organized by F. Cordero (Freiburg U.), D. Florian (U. Buenos Aires), D. Kosower (Saclay) and R. Rosenfeld (IFT-UNESP/ICTP-SAIFR) and discussed recent theoretical advances in predicting the scattering amplitudes produced at the LHC. Lecturers included Zvi Bern (UCLA), Claude Duhr (U. Louvain), Johannes Henn (IAS Princeton), Stefan Prestel (SLAC), Gavin Salam (CERN) and Andre Sznajder (UERJ).

Colloquium of Zvi Bern

On July 29, Prof. Zvi Bern (University of California, Los Angeles) presented a colloquium entitled "Harmony of Scattering Amplitudes: From Colliders to Supergravity". In this colloquium, he discussed recent progress in the computation of elementary-particle scattering processes in quantum field theory, giving examples ranging from collider physics to supergravity theories. Prof. Bern received the 2014 J.J. Sakurai Prize for his contributions in scattering amplitudes in gauge theories.

Bedaque Minicourse on Effective Field Theory and Applications

From August 3 to 6, Prof. Paulo Bedaque (U. Maryland) visited ICTP-SAIFR to present a minicourse entitled ‘Effective Field Theory and Applications'. Prof. Bedaque´s research addresses a variety of topics in nonperturbative QCD, such as the physics of dense hadronic and quark matter, and his lectures provided an overview of the use of effective field theory in this subject area.

School on Gravitational Waves: from data to theory and back

The School on Gravitational Waves was held at ICTP-SAIFR from August 3 – 11 and was organized by R. Sturani (IFT-UNESP/ICTP-SAIFR) and A. Vecchio (U. Birmingham). This school presented a theoretical introduction to gravitational waves and their detection and lecturers included A. Buonanno (MPI Potsdam), S. Foffa (U. Geneva), Sergej Klimenko (U. Florida), E. Ramirez-Ruiz (U. California-Santa Cruz) and W. Del Pozzo (U. Birmingham).

Workshop on Astrophysics and Relativity: Astro-GR 2015

The Workshop Astro-GR 2015 was held at ICTP-SAIFR from August 11 - 15 and was organized by P. Amaro-Seoane (MPI – Potsdam), J. F. Pacheco (Observatoire de la Cote d´Azur) and R. Sturani (IFT-UNESP/ICTP-SAIFR). The workshop addressed crucial questions in the field of astrophysics and relativity, and focused on the interpretation of gravitational wave observations using electromagnetic astrophysics.

International Neutrino Summer School 2015

From August 17-28, ICTP-SAIFR held the International Neutrino Summer School 2015 which, together with the NuFact Workshop, is organized each year in a different country. The main organizers were Deborah Harris (Fermilab) and Rogerio Rosenfeld (IFT-UNESP/ICTP-SAIFR). Lecturers included A. Gouvea (Northwestern U.), B. Kayser (Fermilab), P. Holanda (Unicamp), K. Mahn (Michigan State U.), K. McFarland (U. Rochester), S. Mertens (LBNL), K. Scholberg (Duke U.) and Y. Wang (IHEP-Beijing).

Public Debate on Art & Science

In presentations for the general public in Sao Paulo (Sept. 28), Rio de Janeiro (Sept. 30), Brasilia (Oct. 5) and Belo Horizonte (Oct. 7), ICTP-SAIFR vice-director and IFT-UNESP director Rogério Rosenfeld debated philosophers Oswaldo Giocóia Jr. and Antonio Cícero on the subject of the universe and its cosmological origin. These presentations were sponsored by the Cultural Center of the Bank of Brasil as a monthly series of debates on art and science.

Winner of 2015 Pfizer Challenge Prize

On Sept. 29, ICTP-SAIFR associate member Hilda Cerdeira (on the right in photo) was one of four winners of the 2015 Pfizer Challenge Prize for her Epistemic Project which proposes a medical device for anticipating epileptic seizures using an algorithm based on the theory of nonlinear dynamics. Professor Cerdeira is an affiliated researcher at IFT-UNESP and the main organizer of the ICTP-SAIFR schools on Topics in Nonlinear Science: Fundamentals and Applications.

Forthcoming events:

School on Complex Networks and Applications to Neuroscience (September 28 - October 16)

Codello Minicourse on the Functional Renormalization Group (October 6 - 16)

6th ICTP Latin-American String School - Mexico City (October 26 – November 6)

2015 Prêmio IFT/ICTP-SAIFR para Jovens Físicos (October 31)

Program on Particle Physics at the Dawn of the LHC13 (October 19 - December 19)

V Southern-Summer School on Mathematical Biology (January 4 - 10, 2016)

School on Physics Applications in Biology (January 11-29, 2016)

School on Effective Field Theory across Length Scales (February 22 – March 4, 2016)

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