Minicourse on Effective Field Theory and Applications

Title: Effective Field Theories and Applications

Lecturer: Paulo Bedaque (University of Maryland, USA)

Dates: 3 to 6 August 2015

Place: Third floor of IFT-UNESP – Room 2

Times: 11:00 – 12:15



– Central idea: organizing field theory in shells in momentum space

– Example 1:
- Chiral symmetry in QCD and its spontaneous breaking
- Chiral perturbation theory
- Loops and renormalization

– Example 2:
- Nucleons at low energies
- Schroedinger equation as a sum of loops
- Nonperturbative renormalization

– A rapid tour through other effective field theories:
- Chiral perturbation theory for one or more nucleons
- Effective field theory for heavy quarks
- Nonrelativistic QED and QCD
- Theory of Fermi liquids and BCS theory as effective theories
- Effective field theory of color superconductivity
- The standard model as an effective theory

- Conclusion: everything is an effective theory; naturalness versus fine-tuning

A “Certificate of Attendance” will be offered by the IFT Graduate Program to those participants with 100% of attendance to the lectures.

There will be no application form for this activity and everyone is welcome to participate. For more information, send email to