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ICTP-SAIFR Scientific Bulletin #2, April - June 2013
Hiring of Permanent Research Professor

Eduardo Pontón is now a permanent faculty member of ICTP-SAIFR. He was selected last year by an international search committee from a list of highly qualified applicants as the first of five permanent ICTP-SAIFR research professors, and was formally approved in June as a UNESP professor at the highest research level. Eduardo was a professor at Columbia University (NY) from 2004-2012 and has made significant contributions in various areas of Particle Physics, from Dark Matter to Supersymmetry to Models of Extra Dimensions..

New FAPESP Postdoctoral Fellows

Gero von Gersdorff joined ICTP-SAIFR in April as a FAPESP postdoctoral fellow after a postdoctoral period at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Gero is a well-known particle physicist, having developed new models of extra dimensions.
Alberto Tonero, a recent PhD graduate from SISSA, Italy, has also joined ICTP-SAIFR as a FAPESP postdoctoral fellow in April. Alberto has worked on issues of asymptotic safety and top quark physics.

Distinguished Lecturer Simon Levin

Prof. Simon Levin (Princeton) has accepted to visit the ICTP-SAIFR as a Distinguished Lecturer in February 2014 and present a minicourse on the interplay of mathematics and biology. Prof. Levin has won several international awards (Heinekin Prize, Kyoto Prize, Margelef Prize) for his work in ecology and environmental science, and is the George Moffett Professor of Biology at Princeton University since 1992.

Agreement with Fermilab

The ICTP-SAIFR and the Fermilab Theory Group signed an Agreement of Cooperation in April that will facilitate the exchange of visitors between the two Institutes. The Theory Group at Fermilab has played a major role in the development of phenomenological models of Particle Physics and the search for New Physics in current and future experiments. Similar visitor agreements have been signed with Nordita, CERN, Perimeter, and the ICTP.

School on Particle Physics in the LHC Era
April 1-12

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN collected a large amout of data in the 2011-2012 period, culminating with the announcement of the discovery of a Higgs boson-like particle. Many searches for New Physics beyond the Standard Model have been conducted, putting some challenges to well-known extensions such as Supersymmetry and Strongly Coupled models. With world leaders such as Marcela Carena, Joe Lykken, Chris Quigg, Alexander Belyaev, Eduardo Pontón, Zackaria Chacko and Daniel de Florian, this School aimed at providing the students the necessary tools to explore and test New Physics in the context of the LHC.

Minicourse on Classical and Quantum Integrability
April 9-18

Professor Edward Corrigan, from the University of York in the UK, visited the ICTP-SAIFR and gave a set of 4 lectures with an introduction to some of the ideas that underpin the notion of integrability, both its classical origins and properties, together with some of the methods used to determine properties of the associated quantum field theories, such as their spectrum of states and scattering.

School on Nonpertubative QCD: Hadron Structure and Hadronic Matter
May 17-31

This School focused on different techniques that have been developed to study the nonperturbative regime of QCD. The  four non-perturbative methods of Large-N QCD, Effective Field Theory, Lattice QCD and Gauge/String Duality were the subjects of the lectures of the School, given by renowned physicists such as Thomas Cohen, Aneesh Manohar, Andreas Kronfeld and Andrei Starinets. There were also several "hands-on" activities to supplement the lectures.

Minicourse "Energetic Approach to Food Webs"
June 17-21

Professor Kevin S. MacCann, author of  “Food Webs” (Princeton University Press, 2011) and Gabriel Gellner, both from Guelph University (Canada), gave lectures in this course looking at the role of energetics in mediating the structure and dynamics of consumer-resource interactions.

Forthcoming events:

School on Approaches to Quantum Gravity (September 2-9)
(Application Deadline, June 30)

Workshop on Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone (September 11-14)
(Registration Deadline, June 30)

Grebogi Minicourse on Complex Systems (September 23-24)

School on Fundamental Astrophysics (October 7-18)
(Application Deadline, August 7)

2013 Prêmio IFT-ICTP para Jovens Físicos (October 26)
(Registration Deadline, October 19)

Workshop on Higher-Spin and Higher-Curvature Gravity (November 4-7)
(Registration Deadline, September 14)

School on Nonlinear Optics and Nanophotonics (November 25 – December 6)
(Application Deadline, September 25)


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