Workshop on Solitons: Integrability, Duality and Applications

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Start time: April 18, 2017

Ends on: April 21, 2017

Location: São Paulo, Brazil


The workshop will focus on several aspects of non-linear phenomena in field theory, in particular on the properties of solitons. Topics will include both the mathematical structures of these systems, such as (classical) integrability and duality, and also applications of these systems to different branches of science using numerical techniques. We will also honour the important contributions of Prof. Dr. Luiz Agostinho Ferreira (IFSC/USP) to this area on the occasion of his 60th birthday during the Wednesday session of this workshop.  There is no registration fee.

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Registration deadline: February 18, 2017


  • Betti Hartmann (IFSC/USP, Brazil)
  • Clisthenis Constantinidis (UFES-Vitória, Brazil)
  • Gabriel Luchini (UFES-Vitória, Brazil)
  • Wojtek J. Zakrzewski (University of Durham, UK)

Invited Speakers:

  • Christoph Adam (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  • Orlando Alvarez (Miami University, USA)*
  • Henrik Aratyn (University of Illinois, Chicago, USA)*
  • Paulo Assis (Universidade Federal de Goías, Brazil)
  • Olivier Babelon (Universite Paris 6, Jussieu, France)*
  • Loriano Bonora (SISSA Trieste, Italy)
  • Stefan Bolognesi (University of Pisa, Italy)
  • Yves Brihaye (University of Mons, Belgium)
  • Ed Corrigan (University of York, England)
  • Peter Forgacs (University of Tours, France)
  • David Foster (Bristol University, England)
  • Andreas Fring (London City University, England)
  • José F. Gomes (IFT-UNESP São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Partha Guha (SN Bose Center Kolkata, India)
  • Joaquin Sanchez Guillen (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  • Derek Harland (University of Leeds, England)
  • Theodora Ioannidou (University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Marek Karliner (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Pawel Klimas (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)
  • Marco Aurelio C. Kneipp (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil)
  • Jutta Kunz (University of Oldenburg, Germany)
  • Steffen Krusch (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK)
  • Árpád Lukács (University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Nick Manton (DAMTP Cambridge, England)*
  • Luis Miramontes (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)*
  • Carlos Naya (University of Durham, UK)
  • Antti Niemi (University of Tours, France & University of Upsalla, Sweden)
  • Munetto Nitta (Keio University, Japan)*
  • Manu Paranjape (University of Montreal, Canada)
  • Alexander Razumov (Institute for High Energy Physics – Moscow, Russia)*
  • Nobuyuki Sawado (Tokyo University of Sciences, Japan)
  • Fidel Schaposnik (La Plata University, Argentina)
  • Bernd Schroers (Heriot Watt University, Scotland)
  • Rafael Sorkin (Perimeter Institute, Canada)*
  • Paul Sutcliffe (University of Durham, England)
  • Kouichi Toda (Toyama Prefectural University, Japan)
  • Jochem Wambach (University of Darmstadt, Germany)*
  • Erick Weinberg (Columbia University, USA)
  • A. Wereszczynski (Jagiellonian University Krakov, Poland)
  • Abraham H. Zimerman (IFT-UNESP São Paulo, Brazil)*

* to be confirmed