IFT-UNESP Research Groups

Fields and Strings
Abraham Zimerman: integrable models in field theory.
Andrey Mikhailov: superstrings.
Alfredo Suzuki: gauge fields.
Bruto Max Pimentel: general quantum field theory.
Horatiu Nastase: superstrings.
José Francisco Gomes: integrable models in field theory .
Maria Cristina B. Abdalla Ribeiro: strings and branes.
Nathan Berkovits: superstrings.
Pedro Vieira: integrability and quantum field theory.

Elementary Particles
Adriano Natale: standard model, QCD.
Eduardo Ponton: beyond standard model physics.
Juan Carlos Montero: electroweak interactions, CP violations.
Ricardo D´Elia Matheus: beyond standard model, hadron spectroscopy
Rogério Rosenfeld: elementary particles phenomenology.
Vicente Pleitez: neutrinos, alternatives to the standard model.

Gravitation and Cosmology
Fabio Iocco: dark matter.
George Matsas: physics in curved space-times, semi-classical gravitation.
José Geraldo Pereira: teleparalel theory of gravitation, gauge and gravitation.
Rafael Porto: Effective field theories for cosmology.
Rogério Rosenfeld: inflationary models and astroparticle physics.

Nuclear, Hadronic and Few-Body Physics
Alfredo Galeão: nuclear structure.
Diógenes Galetti: spin tunneling.
Gastão Krein: quarks and gluons, QCD, many-body theory.
Lauro Tomio: few-body quantum theory.
Marcelo Yamashita: special atoms and molecules, few-body physics
Sandra Padula: high energy collisions of heavy ions, quark-gluon plasma.

Non-linear and Statistical Physics
Gerson Francisco: econophysics, time-series.
Hilda Cerdeira: chaos and synchronization.
Roberto Kraenkel: mathematical methods in biology.

Experimental High-energy Physics
Sérgio Novaes: collider experiments: DZero and CMS.

Condensed Matter Theory
Alexandre Rocha: electronic structure and nanophysics.

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Lauro Tomio: Bose-Einstein condensates
Sadhan Adhikari: Bose-Einstein condensates, fermionic superfluids, solitons.