Arrival Instructions – IFT-UNESP

The ICTP South American Institute is located at IFT-UNESP, which is across the street from a major bus and subway terminal (Terminal Barra Funda) on the same side of the bus/subway terminal as the Record television station. The official address for IFT-UNESP is R. Dr. Bento Teobaldo Ferraz 271 – Barra Funda – São Paulo, which is the entrance to the parking lot behind the institute. But the address which is closer to the entrance of the IFT-UNESP building is R. Jornalista Aloysio Biondi, 120 – Barra Funda, São Paulo. The easiest way to reach us is by subway or bus.

From the International  Guarulhos Airport:

There is an express train between the international Guarulhos Airport to the metro station Barra Funda which takes 60 minutes and costs about one dollar. To take the train, you need to first take a shuttle bus from your airport terminal to the Guarulhos train station (about 15 minutes). After purchasing the ticket at the train station, the train leaves every hour on the hour from the Airport station between 5 am until midnight (5 am, 6 am, etc).

There is also an express train from the metro station Estação Barra Funda to Guarulhos Airport which leaves every hour on the hour from Estação Barra Funda from 5 am until midnight (5 am, 6 am, etc.) Click here for more details.

There are also buses from the international Guarulhos Airport to various places in São Paulo. The bus fare and bus schedules are here: Bus fare & Schedule

There are also Taxi and Uber services at the airport. Taxis are located on the arrivals floor and Uber are located on the boarding floor. Below, the estimated fares from the airport to the hotel:

Taxi: 140-150 BRL
Uber X: 90-115 BRL

From the Universe Flat:

click here

Subway arrival :

If you are coming by subway, take the red line and get off at the last station which is Palmeiras-Barra Funda. Subway Fare & Schedule

From Barra Funda Station to ICTP-SAIFR:

Follow the signs to the exit which is called Av. Marquis de Sao Vicente. After passing through the turnstiles, turn left and walk until the end of the station. At the end of the station, go down the stairs and you will see immediately a large white and blue building across the street in front of you. The white and blue building is the Instituto de Artes, and next to it is a large white and green building which is the Instituto de Física Teórica. Enter in the gate between the two buildings, and the ICTP-SAIFR is on the first floor of the white and green building.


Additional Information:

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