São Paulo Regional Transportation

The São Paulo Metro System is the main rapid transit system of the city and the largest in Brazil. It is also the second largest in South America and the third in Latin America, behind the Mexico City Metro and the Santiago Metro.

The system is 75.5 kilometres (46.9 miles) long and has 65 stations within its five lines: Line 1 (Blue), Line 2 (Green), Line 3 (Red), Line 4 (Yellow), Line 5 (Lilac) and Line 15 (Silver). All of them operate from Sunday to Saturday, from 4:40 AM to midnight (1:00 AM on Saturdays).

The Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) is a commuter rail company that operates in the Greater São Paulo area. It is one of the busiest rail networks in the world, carrying over 2 million passengers a day.

CPTM has a total length of 260.8 kilometres (162.1 miles) and 90 stations within its six lines: Line 7 (Ruby), Line 8 (Diamond), Line 9 (Emerald), Line 10 (Turquoise), Line 11 (Coral), Line 12 (Sapphire) and Line 13 (Jade). Service starts every day at 4 AM and ends at midnight (1:00 AM on Saturdays).

The metro system is interlinked with CPTM at the stations of Brás, Luz, Palmeiras-Barra Funda, Tatuapé, Corinthians-Itaquera, Tamanduateí, Pinheiros and Santo Amaro. The ICTP-SAIFR is located across the street from the  Palmeiras-Barra Funda station, Line 3 (Red) of the Metro or Lines 7 (Ruby) and 8 (Diamond) of the CPTM.

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Bus, Train and Airport Bus Service:

  • MOOVIT (Mobility app): to check and make your journey, we suggest to use Moovit
  • METRO AND TRAIN TICKETS: to buy metrô and train tickets, you have the cash option and also
    these ones:

    • Whatsapp: add this number on whatsapp ( +55 (11) 38882200 ) and ask for the ticket –
      for CPF number and brazilian bank account holders only
    • TOP app: for CPF number and brazilian bank account holders only
    • Loyalty program (cartão fidelidade): metro/train card with discounts for purchases of 8,
      20 and 50 metro tickets (indicated for long-term visits only)
    • Credit card at the stations: some stations accept Brazilian credit cards (Mastercard, Visa
      and Elo flags only ).

      • Stations which accept: Barra Funda; Jabaquara (Linha 1-Azul); Ipiranga (Linha 10-Turquesa/2-Verde);
        Consolação and Trianon (Linha 2-Verde); Brás (Linha-11); Belém (Linha-3);
        Tatuapé (Linha-12); Aeroporto Guarulhos (Linha-13); Campo Belo (Linha-5); Osasco
        (Linha-8); Granja Julieta e João Dias (Linha-9).