Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF)

In Brazil, the CPF (Cadastro de Pessoa Física/Individual Tax Payer Registry) is similar to the Social Security card in the United States. It is necessary for opening a bank account, purchasing and activating a cellular phone, renting an apartment, and just about any other transaction which a person would engage in if he/she intends to stay in Brazil for more than a month. Foreigners can apply for a CPF number at their local Brazilian consulate (with an expected response time of one month) or can obtain a CPF number after arriving in Brasil (with an expected response time of a few days).

CPF for Foreigners – Instructions

In order to apply for a CPF number at the Local Brazilian Consulate follow the instructions below:

Select the country where you are living at the moment: and click on “ficha”, then fill out the form. After that, you will have until 15 days to present the printed form and your identification card to a Brazilian consulate/embassy. You will obtain the number on the same day you apply for it.

Applying in Brazil

In order to issue a CPF in Brazil you need the following documents:

1)  passport;
2)  a receipt of the payment of the CPF issuing fee (must be paid in the post-office at least one day before going to Receita Federal).
With the above documents, go to Receita Federal. There is one Receita Federal at Shopping Light near Anhangabaú Station (take the red line and get off at Anhangabaú Station). The CPF process takes only a few minutes.