Lehner/Pretorius Minicourse on Numerical Relativity

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Start time: March 27, 2016

Ends on: April 2, 2016


  • Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute -Waterloo, Canada)
  • Frans Pretorius (Princeton University, USA)

Title: A first course on Numerical Relativity

Location: São Paulo, Brazil



This course will cover the fundamentals of solving Einstein equations numerically in strongly gravitating/dynamical regimes. Emphasis will be on fundamentals to lay a solid foundation for venturing into Numerical Relativity.
Topics to be covered include: Numerical Analysis for Partial Differential Equations, Formulations of Einstein equations, Hydrodynamics and basics of applications for Astrophysics, fundamental questions on General Relativity and Holography. While no formal training on coding will be assumed, it would be helpful if participants have a basic knoweldge of Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Fortran, C or Python to carry out related exercises.
Financial support will be available for graduate students and researchers from South America that would like to attend the minicourse, and the online application form will be posted soon on this webpage.