Recent News Articles

Perimeter News,  December 2017
Pedro Vieira wins Sackler Prize

APS newsletter, August 2017
A Worldwide Constellation of Theoretical Physics Centers: The ICTP Partner Institutes

JGU Mainz, December 2016
Theoretical physicists in Mainz and Sao Paulo agree to cooperate in the promotion and mentoring of young researchers

ICTP-Trieste – News Highlights, December 2016
Spotlight on SAIFR: 5th Birthday at the Brazilian Center

Physics World, November 2016
Perimeter Institute and South American Institute for Fundamental Research partner up

Perimeter Institute – News press release, November 2016
Perimeter partners with South American Institute for Fundamental Research

ICTP-Trieste – News Highlights, August 2016
Science Excellence in South America

Nature INDEX 2016 Rising Stars, July 2016
Most improved institution in Latin America
Catch them if you can

Nature Physics Article by Fabio Iocco et al, February 2015
Nature Physics Letter, “Evidence for dark matter in the inner Milky Way”
ICTP New Highlights, “Dark side of the galactic centre”
Los Angeles Times, Science Now, “Heart of Darkness”

Documentary film “From Theory to Reality: ICTP at 50”, October 2014
Youtube version of film

Physics Today, October 2014
Print version of Physics Today article

Physics World Special Report: Brazil, April 2014
Print version of Physics World article

Naturejobs feature “Spotlight on Latin America”, September 2012
Online version of Naturejobs article
Print version of Naturejobs article

Perimeter Institute, April 2012

Physics Today, April 2012
Online version of Physics Today article
Print version of Physics Today article

Physics World, February 2012

Science Magazine, February 2012

ICTP Newsletter, January 2012

National News

Agência FAPESP, 2018

Jornal da UNESP, 2017

Agência FAPESP, May 2017

Agência FAPESP, April 2017

UnaN, 2018

UnAN, 2017

Blasting, March 2017
Sete maneiras de morrer com um buraco negro é tema de debate sobre ciência

Jornal da UNESP, 2016

Revista Pesquisa FAPESP, May 2016
De Trieste para São Paulo

Agência FAPESP, 2016

UnAN, 2016

Agência FAPESP, February 2015

Jornal da UNESP, 2015

UnAN, 2015

Jornal da UNESP, 2014

UnAN, 2014

Agência FAPESP, August 2014
LHC: cientistas planejam detectar novas partículas em colisor nuclear

SBF, October 2013
ICTP no Brasil

UnAN, 2013

Jornal da UNESP, March 2012
Ciência de Padrão Mundial

Agência FAPESP, January 2012
São Paulo ganha centro de excelência em Física Teórica