Workshop on Strong Electron Correlations in Quantum
Materials: Inhomogeneities, Frustration, and Topology

August 14-18, 2018

São Paulo, Brazil


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The last decades have seen much progress in the field of Condensed Matter Physics, driven primarily by the experimental discovery of a number of novel materials displaying exotic behavior such as unconventional superconductivity, fractional statistics, and topologically nontrivial phases. It has become clear that many of these interesting properties arise from strong interactions between their constituent electrons, with growing evidence of the key role played by inhomogeneities, frustration and topological aspects of the matter.

This area of Strongly Correlated Electronic systems has become one of the most interesting, active, and intellectually challenging fields in Condensed Matter Physics. In this workshop, we bring together experts working on this challenging and rapidly evolving field, to present their experimental and theoretical progress. This will allow for a vigorous exchange of ideas and the possibility to start exciting new collaborations between the participants. There is no registration fee.

Topics of the workshop include:

1. Disordered metals and insulators
2. Frustrated magnets, spin liquids and topological insulators
3. Correlated and topological superconductors




  • Gabriel Aeppli (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)
  • Maria Carolina Aguiar (UFMG, Brazil)
  • Marcos Avila (UFABC, Brazil))
  • Luis Balicas (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA)
  • Fernando Garcia (USP, Brazil)
  • Eduardo Granado (UNICAMP, Brazil)
  • Amit Ghosal (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, India)
  • Igor Herbut (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
  • Eduardo Marino (UFRJ, Brazil)
  • Tobias Micklitz (CBPF, Brazil)
  • Eduardo Miranda (UNICAMP, Brazil)
  • Cristiane Morais Smith (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
  • Eduardo Mucciolo* (University of Central Florida, USA)
  • Rajesh Narayanan (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India)
  • Thereza Paiva (UFRJ, Brazil)
  • Rodrigo Pereira (International Institute of Physics-UFRJ, Brazil)
  • Dragana Popovic (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA)
  • Gil Refael* (Caltech, USA)
  • Sri Raghu (Stanford University, USA)
  • Marcelo Rozenberg (Université Paris-Sud, France)
  • Raimundo R. Santos (UFRJ, Brazil)
  • Eduardo Silva Neto (University of California Davis, USA)
  • Oskar Vafek (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA)
  • Thomas Vojta (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)
  • Wei Ku (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

*to be confirmed



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Registration deadline: June 15, 2018



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