School on Modern Amplitude Methods for Gauge and Gravity Theories

July 24 – August 4, 2023

São Paulo, Brazil



Gauge theories and gravitational interactions form the basis of our current understanding of the universe. To realize them in a unified framework is a formidable task, yet common properties have been uncovered through a duality between color and kinematics and the subsequent double-copy perspective. More recently, observations of gravitational waves have triggered a surge of research in this field, and modern amplitudes-based techniques have been very useful for the general relativistic two-body problem.

In this advanced school, students will learn modern techniques for computing scattering amplitudes which are not usually seen in standard graduate courses, and will interact with renowned researchers in the field. Selected students will be invited to participate in the “QCD meets Gravity in the Southern Hemisphere” program which follows the two-week school.

There is no registration fee and limited funds are available for travel and local expenses.


Week 1:
  • Zvi Bern (UCLA, USA): Generalized unitarity and loops
  • Riccardo Sturani (ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP, Brazil): Basics of gravitational waves
  • Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis, USA): Overview of scattering amplitudes
Week 2:
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton, USA): Advanced topics in amplitudes
  • Donal  O´Connell (Edinburgh University, Scotland): Double copy approach
  • Radu Roiban (Pennsylvania State University, USA): Gravitational waves from amplitudes


  • Thales Azevedo (IF/UFRJ, Brazil)
  • Nathan Berkovits (ICTP-SAIFR & IFT/UNESP, Brazil)
  • Zvi Bern (UCLA, USA)
  • Gabriel Menezes (DEFIS/UFRRJ, Brazil)



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Additional Information

BOARDING PASS: All participants, whose travel has been provided or will be reimbursed by ICTP-SAIFR, should bring the boarding pass  upon registration. The return boarding pass (PDF, if online check-in, scan or picture, if physical) should be sent to by e-mail.

COVID-19: Fully vaccinated brazilians and foreigners are now exempt from presenting proof of a COVID-19 test with a negative or non-detectable result. You are only required to present proof of vaccination, printed or electronically. To enter the IFT-UNESP building, you may be required to show a Covid vaccination certificate.

Visa information: Nationals from several countries in Latin America and Europe are exempt from tourist visa. Nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan and USA are exempt from tourist visa until October 1st, 2023. Please check here which nationals need a tourist visa to enter Brazil.

Accommodation: Participants, whose accommodation will be provided by the institute, will stay at The Universe Flat. Hotel recommendations are available here

How to reach the Institute: The school will be held at ICTP South American Institute, located at IFT-UNESP, which is across the street from a major bus and subway terminal (Terminal Barra Funda). The address which is closer to the entrance of the IFT-UNESP building is R. Jornalista Aloysio Biondi, 120 – Barra Funda, São Paulo. The easiest way to reach us is by subway or bus, please find instructions here.