Bootstrap 2023 is a 3-week meeting of the Simons Non-Perturbative Bootstrap Collaboration organized by ICTP-SAIFR. The objective of the collaboration is to solve strongly coupled quantum field theories by imposing consistency properties.

David Camarena (UFES, Brazil) was the winner of the 2023 ICTP-SAIFR Award in Classical Gravity and Applications. Honorable mentions were given to Guilherme Brando de Oliveira (UFES, Brazil) and Luis Felipe Longo Micchi (UFABC, Brazil).

In June, ICTP-SAIFR organized the first edition outside Brazil of a workshop for high school teachers. The workshop was held in Montevideo and organized by Ana Luiza Sério (Escola Vera Cruz/ICTP-SAIFR) and Martín Monteiro (Univ. ORT Uruguay & Sociedad Uruguay de Física).

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ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

The ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ICTP-SAIFR) is a South American regional center in the city of São Paulo created in a collaboration of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the Instituto de Fisica Teorica (IFT) of São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the Sao Paulo Research Funding Agency (FAPESP). Its activities include seminars, minicourses, schools and workshops for graduate students and researchers in all areas related to theoretical physics, as well as outreach activities for the general public and for high-school students and teachers. The center has funding for short-term and long-term visitors as well as for postdoctoral and permanent researchers.

São Paulo International Schools on Theoretical Physics

Serrapilheira/ICTP-SAIFR Training Program in Quantitative Ecology
January 9 – March 3, 2023

School on Light and Cold Atoms
March 6-17, 2023

Latin-American School on CTA Science
March 27-31, 2023

 School on Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Networks, Information Theory, and Machine Learning in Neuroscience
May 22-26, 2023

Holography@25 School
June 5-13, 2023

School on Emergent Phenomena in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Many-Body Systems
June 26 – July 8, 2023

Perimeter-SAIFR-IFT Journeys in Theoretical Physics
July 17-23, 2023

School on Modern Amplitude Methods for Gauge and Gravity Theories
July 24 – August 4, 2023

School on Quantum Chaos
August 21 – September 1, 2023

School on Mathematical Modelling and Governance
October 30 – November 3, 2023

School on Origin of Matter Domination in the Universe
November 20 – December 1, 2023

2nd School on Data Science and Machine Learning
December 4-8, 2023


Minicourse on Modeling Epidemics and Behaviour
October 16-20, 2023

Minicourse on Lattice Models and Applications to Biological Problems
November 27 – December 1, 2023


Quantum Technologies for São Paulo, Brazil, and Latin America
January 30 – February 16, 2023

2023 Meeting of Steering Committee and Scientific Council
February 6-7, 2023

Minicourse on Cosmological Phase Transitions and Gravitational Waves
February 6 – March 3, 2023

SAIFR-Princípia Workshop on Low Dimensional Quantum Gases
March 19-22, 2023

APS/SAIFR Satellite March Meeting
March 20-22, 2023

APS-SAIFR Satellite April Meeting
April 26, 2023

Physics Opportunities at an Electron-Ion Collider 2023
May 2-6, 2023

Holography@25 Workshop
June 14-17, 2023

Workshop on Strong Electron Correlations in Quantum Materials: Inhomogeneities, Frustration, and Topology
June 19 – 24, 2023

Bootstrap 2023
June 26 – July 14, 2023

Gravitational Waves meet Amplitudes in the Southern Hemisphere
August 14 – September 1, 2023

2023 Workshop on Classical Gravity
August 16, 2023

2nd Brazilian Meeting of Science Communicators
September 8-10, 2023

Brazilian Workshop on Soft Matter
October 4-6, 2023

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Science
November 13-15, 2023

Proposals to Boost STEM Participation in Underrepresented Groups
November 16-17, 2023



III Escola de Verão ICTP-SAIFR para Jovens Físicos
January 12-19, 2023

III Curso de Verão ICTP-SAIFR para Professores de Física de Ensino Médio
January 16-20, 2023

Minicursos para Estudantes de Ensino Médio
March-December, 2023

Física de Fronteira em Português
March – December, 2023

Física de Frontera en Español
March – December, 2023

Física de Fronteira para a Sala de Aula
March – November, 2023

Clube do Livro Sci-SAIFR
March – November, 2023

ICTP-SAIFR Módulos de Aulas
March – December, 2023

Jogos de Física
March – November, 2023

Colloquium by Juan Maldacena on Hawking Radiation
June 14, 2023

III Curso de Inverno ICTP-SAIFR para Jovens Físicos
July 8-12, 2023

ICTP-SAIFR Competition for Young Physicists
July 22, 2023

Cine Sci-SAIFR
July – December, 2023

Colloquium by Nima Arkani-Hamed on the Future of Particle Physics
August 2, 2023

Distinguished Public Lecture by David Gross on 50 Years of QCD
August 12, 2023

Papos de Física
August – November, 2023

Colloquium by Brian Farrell on Why We Animals Sing
September 27, 2023