Applications are now open for Proposals of 2023 Activities organized by ICTP-SAIFR on the IFT-UNESP campus in São Paulo. These 2023 activities will include two-week schools for PhD students as well as minicourses and programs/workshops, and can also be organized partially or completely by videoconference.

Latest results from the Dark Energy Survey were recently announced by the DES Collaboration which includes ICTP-SAIFR vice-director Rogerio Rosenfeld. More than 30 scientific papers were released, including the most precise Baryon Acoustic Oscillation distance measurement from imaging data leading to improvements in H0 and Ωm constraints by ~20%.

On Sept. 9 and Sept. 23, the ICTP-SAIFR Steering Committee which includes Atish Dabholkar, Pasqual Barretti, Luiz Eugênio Mello, Hugo Aguilaniu, Luiz Davidovich and Juan Maldacena, and the ICTP-SAIFR Scientific Council of ten distinguished physicists chaired by Michael Green met online to discuss future directions for the center.

Francesco Aprile, Kallol Sen and Jesus Maurício Riveros recently joined ICTP-SAIFR as postdoctoral fellows with funding by FAPESP and Serrapilheira. Francesco will compute graviton scattering amplitudes, Kallol will develop a string theory framework based on hexagonal patches, and Jesus will use mathematical models to study the ecology of microbial social behaviors.

The online School on Critical Stability of Few-Body Quantum Systems from Oct. 4-8 was organized locally by Tobais Frederico (ITA) and Marcelo Yamashita (IFT-UNESP) and included lectures and seminars on few-body techniques and one- and two-dimensional systems as well as short talks by several students.

The project Physics Pioneers in Brazil consists of biographies written on the inspiring careers of the scientists who shaped the current Brazilian physics landscape. The second biography describes the life of Gleb Wataghin, a Russian-born theoretical physicist who created in 1934 the first Brazilian physics department at the University of São Paulo.

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ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

The ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ICTP-SAIFR) is a South American regional center in the city of São Paulo created in a collaboration of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the Instituto de Fisica Teorica (IFT) of São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the Sao Paulo Research Funding Agency (FAPESP). Its activities include seminars, minicourses, schools and workshops for graduate students and researchers in all areas related to theoretical physics, as well as outreach activities for the general public and for high-school students and teachers. The center has funding for short-term and long-term visitors as well as for postdoctoral and permanent researchers.

São Paulo International Schools on Theoretical Physics

IV Joint ICTP-Trieste/ICTP-SAIFR School on Cosmology: Challenges for the Standard Cosmological Model
January 18-29, 2021

Serrapilheira/ICTP-SAIFR  Training Program in Quantitative Biology and Ecology
July 5-30, 2021

Joint ICTP-SAIFR/MITP Summer School on Particle Physics
September 13-24, 2021

School on Critical Stability of Few-Body Quantum Systems
October 4-8, 2021

Joint ICTP, SAIFR and UNESP  School on Systems-on-Chip, Embedded Microcontrollers and their Applications in Research and Industry
October 18-29, 2021

School on Applications of Nonlinear Systems to Socio-Economic Complexity
October 25-27, 2021

School on Quantum Computation
November 16-26, 2021

2nd School on Data Science and Machine Learning
December 6-10, 2021


Reuven Opher Memorial Symposium
January 23, 2021

Challenges for Witnessing Quantum Aspects of Gravity in a Lab
June 7-11, 2021

Strings 2021
June 21 – July 2, 2021

Workshop on New Horizons in Quantum Correlated Materials
August, 2021

Workshop on Critical Stability of Few-Body Quantum Systems
October 11-15, 2021

Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics Perspective
October 18-22, 2021

November 8-12, 2021

Reuven Opher Challenges for the New Physics in Space
December 13-15, 2021


Condensed Matter/Statistical Mechanics Seminars
September, 2021


Curso de Verão para Professores do Ensino Médio
January 11-15, 2021

Escola de Verão para Jovens Físicos
January 17-23, 2021

ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP Physics Discussions
January – July, 2021

Ciência em Diálogo: Física e Ficção Científica
February 23-26, 2021

Distinguished Lecture of Quantitative Biology and Ecology Program: Simon Levin
March 2, 2021

Distinguished Lecture of Quantitative Biology and Ecology Program: Akiko Iwasaki
March 4, 2021

Física de Fronteira em Português
March-November, 2021

Física de Frontera en Español
March-November, 2021

Física em Casa
March – November, 2021

Minicursos para Estudantes do Ensino Mêdio
March – November, 2021

ICTP-SAIFR Módulos de Aulas
March – November, 2021

Inspirando novas gerações para a Física
June 2, 2021

ICTP-SAIFR Distinguished Public Lecture by Jim Gates
June 26, 2021

Ask a String Theorist
June 27, 2021

2021 IFT-Perimeter-SAIFR Journeys into Theoretical Physics
July 2021

Prêmio Jovens Físicos 2021
July 2021

Inspirando Novas Gerações para a Física: Mecânica quântica
September 1, 2021

IV Curso de Astronomía
October 25-29, 2021

Clube do Livro Sci-SAIFR
November 18, 2021

Escola de Verão ICTP-SAIFR para Jovens Físicos
January 22-29, 2022