Condensed matter theory

The field of Condensed Matter Physics is where basic science and applications meet. The combined effects of quantum mechanics and Coulomb interactions between a large number of particles lead to the formation of basic building blocks in nature that when put together give rise to the rich phenomena that we see around us in our daily life. Our drive for ever smaller electronic devices have led to technological breakthroughs giving us an unique opportunity to observe and study the exotic quantum behavior of ultra-clean crystalline systems and low-dimensional nanometer sized electronic devices. Researchers at IFT-UNESP are working to develop a deeper theoretical understanding of the formation and the transport properties of these exciting new systems, which can provide further insights for future materials.

Current research topics include

1) Density Functional Theory applied to atoms molecules and solids

2) Electronic and transport properties of Nanoscopic systems

3) Quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated systems.

4) Effects of disorder in low-dimensional electronic systems.

Researchers at IFT-UNESP include:

Alexandre Reily Rocha