Gravitational wave physics

In the field of Gravitational Waves there is a new active group at ICTP-SAIFR. Presently the researchers in this field include

Riccardo Sturani (ICTP-SAIFR)

Odylio Aguiar (INPE)

Gravitational wave research has a high phenomenological impact as the large Gravitational Wave detectors LIGO and Virgo have been operating since 2010 at unprecedented sensitivity, and further increases of sensitivity are scheduled for their advanced runs due to start respectively in April 2015 and 2016.

Reasonable astrophysical estimates make plausible the detection of signals from coalescing binaries in the advanced detector era. Coalescing binaries represent one of the most promising sources for a first direct detection of gravitational waves, and their repeated detections could yield new information on both fundamental gravity and cosmology. To enable such first detection and to maximize the scientific exploitation of the data, it is crucial to develop a more accurate analytical knowledge of the 2-body problem in General Relativity and to develop data analysis methods specifically tuned to the experimental situation.

Applications are invited at any time for a two-year post-doctoral position (with possible renewal for a third year) in gravitational wave physics. The ICTP-SAIFR encourages applications from candidates interested in working on data analysis for gravitational wave detection, with particular emphasis on any of the following topics

  • data analysis for gravitational signals from coalescing binaries
  • theoretical modeling of the 2-body motion in gravity theories
  • analytical modelling of gravitational waves from coalescing binaries

A PhD in Physics at the time the appointment begins is required. The annual salary (tax-free) is 70,800 reais with an additional 9,600 reais for travel and research expenses. Moving expenses to Brasil are also included. Candidates should fill the online application form for a postdoctoral postion at and select the subarea “Gravitational Wave Physics” in Step 4 of the postdoctoral application form. The position is still open and can begin anytime after the candidate has been chosen.