Hands-on meeting for junior CTA groups

August 24 – 25, 2017

São Paulo, Brazil



The goal of this meeting is to bring together the “junior groups” working within CTA in Brazil, in order to share scientific and technical knowledge of the area.
We will focus on the goals and skills present in each team, with specific regard to technical tools mastered by graduate students and postdocs, with the aim of sharing experience and expertise, in order to seed a lasting and united HE astrophysics community.


  • Ulisses Barres de Almeida (CBPF Rio)
  • Bruno Fontes (CBPF Rio)
  • Bernardo Fraga (CBPF Rio)
  • Luan Arbeletche (IFSC, USP)
  • Humberto Martinez Huerta (IFSC, USP)
  • Rodrigo G. Lang (IFSC, USP)
  • Danielle Kaori Nakashima (IFSC, USP)
  • Aion Viana (IFSC, USP)
  • Manuela Vecchi (IFSC, USP)
  • Fabio Cafardo (USP SP)
  • Raniere Menezes (USP SP)
  • Rodrigo Nemmen (USP SP)
  • Maria Benito (ICTP-SAIFR)
  • Fabio Iocco (ICTP-SAIFR)
  • Ekaterina Karukes (ICTP-SAIFR)

Workshop Program