Program on Particle Physics at the New Energy Frontier of 13 TeV


From October 3, 2016 to November 11, 2016, the ICTP-SAIFR is organizing a program on Particle Physics intended to discuss the status of the field and the impact of the LHC13 run. There will be a limited number of seminars and plenty of time for discussion and collaboration.  There will be no registration form for this activity and for more information please send E-mail to

Participants of the program include:

Name                    Institution   Period of visit Room Number Extension
Carolina Arbeláez  U. Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile  Oct. 21 – Nov. 12  104  7890
Alexander Belyaev  U. of Southampton, UK  Oct. 24 – Nov. 11  112  7846
Diogo Buarque Göttingen U., Germany  Nov. 7 – 11  108  7890
Antonio Delgado  U. of Notre Dame, USA  Oct 16 – 21  102  7882
Claudio Dib  U. Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile  Oct. 30 – Nov. 9  102  7882
Gero von Gersdorff  PUC-RJ, Brazil  Oct. 9 – 15  104  7848
Christophe Grojean  DESY, Germany  Nov. 1 – 6  102  7848
Matthias Neubert  MITP/JGU Mainz, Germany  Nov. 1 – 8  105  7848
David Pinner  Princeton University, USA  Oct. 2 – 8  102  7882
Giovanni Villadoro  ICTP-Trieste, Italy  Oct. 22 – Nov. 3  112  7846



  • Gustavo Burdman (USP, Brazil)
  • Oscar Éboli (USP, Brazil)
  • Eduardo Pontón (IFT-UNESP & ICTP-SAIFR, Brazil)
  • Mariano Quirós (IFAE-Barcelona, Spain)
  • Rogério Rosenfeld (IFT-UNESP & ICTP-SAIFR, Brazil)




Schedule of Talks: PDF version_updated on Nov. 3

Talks for the Program on Particle Physics at the New Energie Frontier of 13 Tev, Oct. 3rd – Nov. 11th

Speaker Title Room Time File
Week 1
Thursday 10/06/16 David Pinner  Unification and New Particles at the LHC Room 3  14h
Week 2
Thursday 10/13/16 Gero von Gersdorff The Global Higgs as a Signal for Compositeness at the LHC Room 3  14h PDF
Week 3
Friday 10/21/16 Antonio Delgado Searching for Compressed Spectra  Room 3  10h PDF
Week 4
Tuesday 10/25/16 Alexander Belyaev Dark Matter characterization at the LHC (DM day in São Paulo)  Room 3  14h PDF
Friday 10/28/16 Giovanni Villadoro The QCD axion, precisely  Room 3  10h PDF
Week 5
Tuesday 11/01/16 Carolina Arbeláez Dark Matter from SO(10)  Auditorium  10h PDF
Wednesday 11/02/16 Matthias Neubert IFT-Colloquium – Beyond the Higgs boson: Particle physics on the verge of another discovery  Auditorium 14h PDF
Thursday 11/03/16 Alexander Belyaev Towards Dark Matter Spin Characterisation at the LHC  Auditorium  14h PDF
Friday 11/04/16 Christophe Grojean Beyond Inclusive Higgs Analyses  Auditorium  14h PDF
Week 6
Friday 11/11/16 Diogo Buarque (Accurate) Predictions for Composite Dynamics at the LHC and Future Colliders  Auditorium  10h PDF