ICTP-SAIFR Roundtable on Quantum Computing and its Applications

November 15 at 4:30 pm

ICTP-SAIFR, São Paulo, Brazil

IFT-UNESP Auditorium

Youtube live-streaming link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD5_p5YqNUE

This roundtable will discuss the state of the art of quantum computing and its possible scientific and commercial applications, such as the simulation of new molecules and new materials, optimization of investment portfolios, climate predictions, and many others. Important researchers participating in the discussion include Prof. Enrique Solano, CEO and Co-Founder of two quantum computing companies (QUANVIA, Germany, and KIPU-Quantum, Spain) and one of the world’s leading researchers of quantum algorithms, Prof. Thomas Monz, CEO and Co-Founder of Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT, Austria), which is part of the European AQTION project for quantum technologies, in particular quantum computers based on trapped ions, and Dr. Dario S. Thober, CEO and Founder of the Center for Advanced Research Wernher von Braun (Brazil), a Brazilian company internationally recognized for its innovative research in the field of semiconductors and business solutions in general and which he has led, together with Prof. Celso Villas-Boas, a Brazilian initiative, NtropiQ, which aims to develop solutions based on quantum technologies for the Brazilian and global business market and for government organizations. The mediator of the roundtable will be Prof. Ana Predojevic, from Stockholm University, Sweden, a distinguished researcher who has been actively working to promote quantum technologies around the world, including being a special guest at World Economic Forum events to debate such Technologies.

  •  Thomas Monz (Innsbruck University and CEO and Co-Founder of AQT)
  •  Enrique Solano (Chief Visionary Officer of Kipu Quantum and Founder of Quanvia)
  •  Dario Thober (CEO and Founder – Wernher von Braun Center)


  • Ana Predojevic (Stockholm University)


  • Celso Villas-Boas (UFSCar)