Workshop on Critical Stability of Few-Body Quantum Systems

October 11-15, 2021 POSTPONED

ICTP-SAIFR, São Paulo, Brazil

Auditorium of IFT-UNESP


The interdisciplinary workshop will focus on the properties of weakly bound few-body quantum states at the edge of stability. The main purpose of this workshop is to exchange information between different subfields where similar concepts and techniques are used.

Topics of the workshop include:

  • Universality
  • Efimov physics
  • Finite-range corrections to Efimov physics
  • From few to many degrees of freedom
  • One- and two-dimensional systems
  • Dimensional crossover
  • Multicomponent systems
  • Dynamic evolution
  • Reactions with weakly bound systems
  • Mathematical problems

There is no registration fee.

To have an idea of the activities that will take place during the workshop, please visit the homepage of the previous edition of this workshop at


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Application deadline: July 26, 2020


  • Tobias Frederico (ITA, Brazil)
  • Hans Otto Uldall Fynbo (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Alejandro Kievsky (University of Pisa, Italy)
  • Jean-Marc Richard (University of Lyon, France)
  • Marcelo Takeshi Yamashita (IFT-UNESP, Brazil)

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jaume Carbonell (Institut de Physique Nucleaire d’Orsay, France)
  • Cheng Chin (University of Chicago, USA)
  • Xiaoling Cui (Chinese Academy of Science, China)
  • Arnoldas Deltuva (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
  • José D’Incao (JILA-University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
  • Tobias Frederico (ITA, Brazil)
  • Eduardo Bellido Garrido (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia/CSIC – Madrid, Spain)
  • Mario Gattobigio (INPHYNI-Nice, France)
  • Chris Greene (Purdue University, USA)
  • Valdir Guimarães (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Hans-Werner Hammer (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Aksel Jensen (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Servaas Kokkelmams (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
  • Bira van Kolck (University of Paris-Saclay, France)
  • Elena Kolganova (Dubna State University, Russia)
  • Rimantas Lazauskas (IPHC, Université de Strasbourg, France)
  • Stephanie Reimann (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Derick S. Rosa (IFT/UNESP, Brazil)
  • Jan-Michael Rost (Max Planck Dresden, Germany)
  • Giovanni Salmé (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare- Roma, Italy)
  • Yasuyuki Suzuki (Niigata University, Japan)
  • Varese Salvador Timóteo (UNICAMP, Brazil)
  • Aurora Tumino (University of Catania, Italy)
  • Kalman Varga (Vanderbilt University, Tennesse, USA)
  • Manuel Valiente (IAS -Tsinghua University, China)
  • Nikolaj Zinner (University of Aarhus, Denmark)



Click here for online registration

Application deadline: July 26, 2020

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Additional Information

Visa information: Nationals from several countries in Latin America and Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and USA are exempt from tourist visa. Please check here which nationals need a tourist visa to enter Brazil.

Accommodation: Participants, whose accommodation will be provided by the institute, will stay at The Universe Flat. Hotel recommendations are available here

How to reach the Institute: The school will be held at ICTP South American Institute, located at IFT-UNESP, which is across the street from a major bus and subway terminal (Terminal Barra Funda). The address which is closer to the entrance of the IFT-UNESP building is R. Jornalista Aloysio Biondi, 120 – Barra Funda, São Paulo. The easiest way to reach us is by subway or bus, please find instructions here.

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