Procedures for Organizing an Activity

Proposals for activities should be made using the online application form and submitted until January 1 of the year which precedes the year of the activity. If possible, a pre-proposal should be sent in December to for comments before the final proposal is submitted. Every February, the Scientific Council meets to select activities for the following year. After the selection, we will confirm the accepted proposals and their starting date with the organizers.

The budget limit for two-week schools is approximately 150,000 Brazilian reais. Preferably, 70% of the budget should be destined to students and 30% to lecturers. Budgets for other activities, such as Mini-Schools and Workshops, will depend on the activity.

After the activity has been approved by the ICTP-SAIFR scientific council in February of the preceding year, the following schedule will be applied:

Ideally 9 months before the activity starts, the organizer should send the main information about the event to the ICTP-SAIFR secretaries, which includes:

–         a brief description of the event;

–         confirmation of the lecturers and their affiliations;

–         application deadline for participation which is usually 2 months prior to the activity.

With this information, we will prepare a poster for the event, which will be sent to research institutions around the world, and we will organize the activity’s web page, which will be used for the applications.

We will also organize travel tickets and accommodation for the lecturers.

One week after the application deadline for participation, the organizer should send a list of the students accepted for the School. If the number of chosen students does not fit in the budget, the organizer will have to cut out some participants from the list; if it does, we will send the acceptance message to all selected applicants and they will have 1 week to confirm their participation. In case some of them do not confirm or decline, the organizer will be asked to choose others from a stand-by list.

Six weeks before the School, we will have a complete list of all participants. We will organize travel tickets and accommodations for those who have been accepted with financial support.

One month prior to the School, the organizer should send a schedule with the starting time of each lecture. This schedule will be on the event’s web page and will also be sent by e-mail to all participants.

In case the organizer wants special arrangements, such as poster presentations, he should inform us as soon as possible.