ICTP-SAIFR 5th Anniversary Symposium: Advancement of Science in South America

November 6 – 8, 2016

São Paulo, Brazil


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The ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ICTP-SAIFR) was created in 2011 as a collaboration of the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (ICTP) with São Paulo State University (UNESP) and the São Paulo Research Funding Agency (FAPESP). To celebrate its 5th anniversary, ICTP-SAIFR is organizing a symposium of public talks, research seminars and roundtable discussions with the participation of its Steering Committee and Scientific Council, its 60 Associated Members from South America, and several invited speakers.

Registration for the public lectures from 14:00-18:30 on November 6 is now closed because of lack of space in the auditorium. However, if any of the registered participants do not appear before 13:45, their seats will be made available to those waiting in line at the auditorium door who have not registered. If you would like to attend any of the symposium presentations on November 7-8 and are not an ICTP-SAIFR council or associate member, please fill out this symposium registration form. And if you would like to attend the parallel research seminars on Sunday afternoon November 6, there is no need to fill out a registration form. There is no registration fee for any of these activities.

All activities will be on the Barra Funda campus of UNESP in São Paulo. The activities on Sunday November 6 and Tuesday November 8 will be in the Instituto de Física Teórica building, and the activities on Monday November 7 will be in the theatre on the first floor of the Instituto das Artes building, which is next to the Instituto de Física Teórica building.

ICTP-SAIFR Steering Committee:
Fernando Quevedo (chair), Julio Cezar Durigan, Carlos Brito Cruz, Jacob Palis, Juan Maldacena

ICTP-SAIFR Scientific Council:

Peter Goddard (chair), Seifallah Randjbar-Daemi, Rogério Rosenfeld, Marcela Carena, Marcel Clerc, Belita Koiller, Luis Lehner, Gabriel Mindlin, Matias Zaldarriaga, Barton Zwiebach

Confirmed Speakers and Panelists:

  • Marcus A.M. de Aguiar (Unicamp, Brazil)
  • Nathan Berkovits (Director of ICTP-SAIFR, Brazil)
  • Miguel Ángel Blesa (Secretary for Planning of Mincyt, Argentina)
  • Vanderlan Bolzani (Vice-President of SBPC and ACIESP, Brazil)
  • Carlos Brito Cruz (Scientific Director of FAPESP, Brazil)
  • Luiz Davidovich (President of Brazilian Academy of Sciences)
  • Julio Cezar Durigan (Rector of Unesp, Brazil)
  • Michael Duschenes (Perimeter managing director and chief operating officer, Canada)
  • Herton Escobar (Science Journalist for Estadão and Director of USP Talks, Brazil)
  • Peter Goddard (IAS Princeton, USA)
  • Gabriela González (Spokesperson of LIGO, Louisiana State U., USA)
  • David Gross (2004 Nobel Prize Laureate, KITP, USA)
  • Mario Hamuy (President of Conicyt, Chile)
  • Belita Koiller (President of Brazilian Physical Society)
  • Karina Laneri (Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina)
  • Juan Maldacena (IAS Princeton, USA)
  • Moyses Nussenzveig (Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Cristobal Petrovich (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)
  • Eduardo Pontón (ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP)
  • Fernando Quevedo (Director of ICTP, Italy)
  • Antônio José Roque da Silva (Representative of CLAF and Director of LNLS, Brazil)
  • Rogério Rosenfeld (Director of IFT-UNESP, Brazil)
  • Neil Turok (Director of Perimeter Institute, Canada)
  • Pedro Vieira (ICTP-SAIFR and Perimeter Institute, Canada)







List of Participants: PDF version


Sunday, Nov. 6 (in the IFT-UNESP auditorium at the UNESP Barra Funda campus

14:00 – 18:30: Lectures for General Public (with simultaneous translation)

14:00-15:00 David Gross (2004 Nobel Prize in Physics): 100 years of General Relativity: The enduring legacy of Albert Einstein (VIDEO) (PDF)
15:35-16:35 Gabriela González (spokesperson for LIGO gravitational wave collaboration): Detecting gravitational waves from black holes (VIDEO)
17:10-18:10 Luiz Davidovich (president of Brazil Acad. of Sciences): Explorando as sutilezas do mundo quântico: De Einstein e Schrödinger à Informação Quântica (VIDEO) (PDF)

14:00 – 18:30: Parallel Sessions of Research Talks by Associate Members (on ground floor and third floor of IFT-UNESP building)

Monday, Nov. 7 (in the IA-UNESP theater)

9:30 – 10:00:  Reception

10:00 – 11:30: Opening Ceremony by ICTP-SAIFR Steering Committee (with simultaneous translation) (VIDEO)
– Fernando Quevedo (PDF)
– Carlos Brito Cruz
– Juan Maldacena
– Peter Goddard (Remarks – PDF)
– Rogério Rosenfeld (PDF)
– Nathan Berkovits (PDF)
– Julio Cezar Durigan

11:30 – 11:45: Coffee Break

11:45 – 13:15: South American Science and its Funding

13:15 – 15:00: Lunch

15:00 – 15:50:  Fundamental Physics (David Gross) (VIDEO)

15:55 – 16:45: Physics and Biology (Marcus Aguiar) (VIDEO) (PDF)

16:45 – 17:00: Coffee Break

17:00 – 19:00:  Roundtable Discussions (moderator Peter Goddard)
17:00-17:40 Financing of science – public vs. private, basic vs. applied (VIDEO)

  • Miguel Ángel Blesa
  • Carlos Brito Cruz
  • Michael Duschenes
  • Mario Hamuy

17:40-18:20 Future of science – education, outreach, sexism/racism (VIDEO)

  • Vanderlan Bolzani (PDF)
  • Luiz Davidovich
  • Herton Escobar
  • Belita Koiller (PDF)

18:20-19:00 South American and international collaborations (VIDEO)

  • David Gross
  • Fernando Quevedo
  • Antônio José Roque da Silva (PDF)
  • Neil Turok

20:00: Dinner for Associate Members and Invited Guests

Tuesday, Nov. 8 (in the IFT-UNESP auditorium)

10:00 – 10:50: Searching for – and finding! gravitational waves (Gabriela González) (VIDEO) (PDF)

10:55 – 11:30: Perimeter Institute agreement (VIDEO)

  • Pedro Vieira (PDF)
  • Maria Alice Marques dos Santos
  • Francisco Vladimir Calvera Cigüeñas
  • Neil Turok
  • Rick Savone
  • Stéphane Larue
  • John Matlock
  • Michael Duschenes

11:30 – 11:45: Coffee Break

11:45 – 12:05: Planetary Dynamics (Cristobal Petrovich) (VIDEO)

12:10 – 12:30: Applications of Mathematical Ecology (Karina Laneri) (VIDEO, at 0:28)

12:35 ‐ 12:55: LHC Physics and Beyond  (Eduardo Pontón) (VIDEO)

13:00 – 13:20: Integrability in Gauge Theory (Pedro Vieira) (VIDEO, at 0:21)

13:20 – 15:00: Lunch

15:00 – 15:50: Analyticity and Nonperturbative Physics (Moyses Nussenzweig) (VIDEO)

15:55 ‐ 16:45: Presentation of ICTP‐SAIFR research and activities (Nathan Berkovits and Pedro Vieira) (VIDEO)

16:45 – 17:15: Coffee Break

17:15 ‐ 18:15:  Group discussions of future ICTP‐SAIFR activities
1) Non-linear systems with applications to biology (3rd floor, computer lab)
2) Condensed matter/cold atoms/quantum information (3rd floor, room 1)
3) Cosmology/astrophysics (3rd floor, room 2)
4) Particle physics (3rd floor, room 3)
5) Field theory/string theory/general relativity (auditorium)