II South American Dark Matter Workshop

November 21-23, 2018

ICTP-SAIFR, São Paulo, Brazil

Auditorium of IFT-UNESP



The goal of this international workshop is to explore the state of the art of the Dark Matter field, discussing the latest developments in all branches: theoretical, collider, direct and indirect, and astro. By bringing together the South American and international community we aim to foster new collaborations and new long-lasting partnerships, at a most timely moment in the development of the field. There is no registration fee.
The workshop will follow the same structure of the first edition, whose program is available at: http://www.ictp-saifr.org/DMw2017 

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Pier Stefano Corasaniti (Observatoire de Paris, France)
  • Francesco D’Eramo (Università di Padova, Italy)
  • Arman Esmaili (PUC-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Azadeh Fattahi (Durham University, UK)
  • Daniel Lopez-Fogliani (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Christopher McCabe (King’s College London, UK)
  • Ruth Pottgen (Lund University, Sweden)
  • Farinaldo Queiroz (IIP Natal, Brazil)
  • Davi Rodrigues (UFES, Vitoria, Brazil)
  • Cecilia Scannapieco (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Susana Landau (Universidad de La Plata) – Slide


  • Enrico Bertuzzo (USP)
  • Fabio Iocco (IFT-UNESP & ICTP-SAIFR)
  • Manuela Vecchi (RUG-USP)


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II South American Dark Matter Workshop

Slides & Program

WORKSHOP PROGRAM: PDF updated on November 21, 2018

LIST OF ABSTRACTS: PDF updated on November 22, 2018


II South American Dark Matter Workshop


II South American Dark Matter Workshop – Day 2  – Part 1:
  • I. Albuquerque: “Dark Side Experiment: Venturing in the Low Mass Dark Matter Region”
  • A. Brown: “Status and Results from the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment”
  • Y. Biondi: “DARWIN: the ultimate dark matter detector”
  • E. Baracchini: “Directional Dark Matter search with optical read out sand the CYGNO project”
II South American Dark Matter Workshop – Day 2  – Part 2:
  • C. McCabe: “Direct detection phenomenology”
  • F. D’Eramo: “New Theory Tools to Unveil the Mystery of Dark Matter”
II South American Dark Matter Workshop – Day 2  – Part 3:
  • A. Lessa: “Testing Minimal Freeze-in Models at the LHC”
  • D. Restrepo: “Scotogenic models with Dirac fermion dark matter”
  • G. Grillidi Cortona: “Coupling-independent regime for mesonic DM in Hidden Valley models”
II South American Dark Matter Workshop – Day 2  – Part 4:
  • N. Bernàl: “Spin-2 Portal Dark Matter”
  • D. Lopez-Fogliani: “Phenomenology of the µνSSM: Displaced Vertices
  • at the LHC and In direct Dark Matter Signals at Gamma Ray Telescopes”
  • D. Camargo: “Dark Matter in Two Higgs Doublet Models with U(1)B−LGaugeSymmetry”
  • Conversation on: Gender in Science” (Corepanel: A. Fattahi, K. Menendez-Delmestre, A. Ramires, C. Scannapieco, M. Vecchi.)
II South American Dark Matter Workshop – Day 3  – Part 1:
  • E. Farina: “Results on Dark Matter searches with the ATLAS detector”
  • E. Graziani: “Dark matter search at Belle II”
  • R. Poettgen: “Light in the Dark–Searching for sub-GeV Dark Matter”
  • C. Siqueira: “MeV Dark Matter Complementarity and the Dark PhotonPortal”
II South American Dark Matter Workshop – Day 3  – Part 2:
  • A. Capone: “Indirect search of Dark Matter with Cherenkov Neutrino Telescopes”
  • A. Esmaili: “On the dark matter contribution to the Ice Cube diffuse neutrino flux”
  • L. Rinchiuso: “Indirect dark matter search at the Galactic Centre with H.E.S.S.”
  • F. Queiroz: “Gamma-ray lines may reveal the CP nature of Dark Matter”
  • Concluding Remarks


Additional Information

 ALL participants should register. The registration will be on November 21 at the institute at 08:30 am.

List of Participants: Updated on November 14, 2018.

Poster presentation: Participants who are presenting a poster MUST BRING A BANNER PRINTED. The banner size should be at most 1,5m x 1m. We do not accept A4 or A3 paper. Click here to see what a banner looks like:  http://designplast.ind.br/produtos/detalhe/impressao-digital/banner/119/9

Accommodation: Participants and Speakers whose accommodation has been provided by the institute will stay at The Universe Flat. Each participant/speaker, whose accommodation has been provided by the institute, has received the accommodation details individually by email.

How to reach the Institute: The workshop will be held at ICTP South American Institute, located at IFT-UNESP, which is across the street from a major bus and subway terminal (Terminal Barra Funda). The address which is closer to the entrance of the IFT-UNESP building is R. Jornalista Aloysio Biondi, 120 – Barra Funda, São Paulo. The easiest way to reach us is by subway or bus, please find instructions here.

Ground transportation instructions: 

Ground transportation from Guarulhos Airport to The Universe Flat

Ground transportation from Congonhas Airport to the Universe Flat

Ground transportation from The Universe Flat to the institute