Program on New Directions in Particle Physics

September 5-23, 2022 

ICTP-SAIFR, São Paulo, Brazil

Auditorium of IFT-UNESP


The aim of the program is to bring together in a discussion-friendly environment renowned experts, as well as younger researchers, working on various aspects of physics beyond the Standard Model. More specifically, we foresee discussions on BSM model-building, Dark Matter, dark sectors, axions, the cosmological constant, possible experimental signals at collider, non-collider and astrophysical experiments. The event will have an open format centered around discussions, with a small number of talks. The program will last three weeks, with a minimum one-week stay, although longer stays are encouraged.

There is no registration fee.


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Registration Deadline: July 15, 2022


  • Enrico Bertuzzo (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Gustavo A. Burdman (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Csaba Csaki (Cornell University, USA)
  • Christophe Grojean (DESY and Humboldt University, Germany)

Confirmed Participants

  • Daniele Barducci (Rome U., Italy)
  • Gero von Gersdorff (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
  • Matheus Hostert (Perimeter Institute, Brazil)
  • Jay M. Hubisz (Syracuse U., USA)
  • Oleksii Matsedonskyi (Weizmann, Israel)
  • Hitoshi Murayama (UC Berkeley and IPMU, USA)
  • Marc Riembau (Geneva, Italy)
  • Francesco Riva (Geneva, Italy)
  • Ennio Salvioni (CERN, Switzerland)
  • John Terning (UC Davis, USA)
  • Tomer Volansky (Tel Aviv U., Israel)
  • Andreas Weiler (TUM, Germany)



Click HERE for online registration

Registration Deadline: July 15, 2022



Additional Information

Visa information: Nationals from several countries in Latin America and Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and USA are exempt from tourist visa. Please check here which nationals need a tourist visa to enter Brazil.

Hotel recommendation: Participants and Speakers whose accommodation will be provided by the institute will stay at The Universe Flat.

COVID-19: See requirements for travelling to Brazil at To enter the IFT-UNESP building, you may be required to show a Covid vaccination certificate.

How to reach the Institute: The program will be held at ICTP South American Institute, located at IFT-UNESP, which is across the street from a major bus and subway terminal (Terminal Barra Funda). The address which is closer to the entrance of the IFT-UNESP building is R. Jornalista Aloysio Biondi, 120 – Barra Funda, São Paulo. The easiest way to reach us is by subway or bus, please find instructions here.

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for travellers going to Brazil. Note that the vaccine needs to be taken at least ten days before the trip to be effective.