SILAFAE2012 – Posters

New Chiral Fermions in an SU(3)CSU(2)LU(1)Y Model
Alex G. Dias

Factory of dark particles
Alexander Lunkes Dos Santos

Screening Mechanisms in Cosmology
André Luís Delvas Fróes

Generalized Dirac equation for on-shell methods
Angelo Raffaele Fazio

Antonio Loza

Reconstruction of deformed defects in eld theory from deformed zero modes and applications
Augusto Enrique Rueda Chumbes

Bruno Daniel

Carlos A. Mirez Tarrillo

Carlos Sandoval

Measurement of the time-dependent CP asymmetry in B0 ! J= K0S
Daniela Szilard

Higgs-Strahlung Process in the SU(3)L U(1)N electroweak model with heavy leptons
David Romero Abad

Phenomenology of Atmospheric Neutrino with Mass-Varying Neutrinos
Diego Rossi Gratieri

Eduardo Marcio Zavanin

A modern fit of the electroweak parameters from all avaible low energy ν-hadron data
Eduardo Rojas Peña

Explaining the Higgs Decays at the LHC with the Minimal $3-3-1$ Model
Elmer Ramirez Barreto

Quasi-Dirac Neutrinos in the Solar Context
Fernando Rossi Torres

Florencia Laura Vieyro

Renormalizability of Generalized Quantum Electrodynamics
German Enrique Ramos Zambrano

Nuclear effects and quarkonium production at RHIC and LHC
Glauber Sampaio Dos Santos

The role of charged Higgs boson decays in the determination of tanβ–like parameters
Herberth Jesus Cardenas Ramirez

Ion Vasile Vancea

Lepton Flavor Violation processes in 331 Models
Javier Alberto Duarte Chávez

Hadronic Bound States Spin One With the Light-Front Approach
Joao Pacheco B. C. De Melo

Jose Alejandro Rosabal Rodriguez

Larbi Rahili

Lucas Mendes Santos

On the scattering of massive spin-1 bosons by a nonminimal vector sign potential
Luiz Paulo De Oliveira

Search for high-mass dilepton resonances in 6.1 fb-1 of pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV
Maria Aline Barros Do Vale

Decay properties of a class of doubly charged Higgs bosons
Mauro Donizeti Tonasse Tonasse

Calculations of CP Violation with Majorana neutrinos
Miguel David Campos

J/y and y ′ Production in Coherent Hadronic Interactions and the LHC
Mirian Thurow Griep

LHCb Jet Reconstruction
Oscar Augusto De Aguiar Francisco

The role of a tachyonic-like condensation in cosmological cusp geometries
Reinaldo Roberto Rosa

A fourth generation of vector like fermions in extensions of MSSM
Roberto Rodrigues Moreira

The gap equation and the dynamical quark mass: one-dressed-gluon exchange and confinement
Rodolfo Mario Capdevilla Roldan

Monte Carlo Simulation of Production of squarks in proton-proton collisions to √s = 7 TeV
Roger Rodrigo Galindo Orjuela

Study of the W′ contribution to the H → and H → Z channels
Roy Daniel Alva Navarro

The Kubo formula for the l ling factor of the zero eld QHT
Saul Sanchez Madrigal

Simulation of atmospheric temperature e ects on cosmic ray muon ux
Stefano Castro Tognini

Valdir Salustino Guimarães

Diffractive production of photons at high-t in ep collisions
Werner Krambeck Sauter