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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00(45’+5′) P-QCD Higgs results (ATLAS) LHCb Neutrinos – TH BSM
9:50(20’+5′) Mo1 Tu1 DM – TH Th1 Fr1
10:15(20’+5′) Mo2 Tu2 Th2 Fr2
11:10(45’+5′) QCD results (ATLAS/CMS) Higgs results (CMS) DM-EXP Neutrinos – EXP Exotica results (ATLAS&CMS)
12:00(20’+5′) Mo3 Tu3 We1 Th3 Fr3
14:00(45’+5′) NP-QCD Higgs Physics FREE TIME Heavy flavor (ATLAS&CMS) Flavor – CP
14:50(20’+5′) Mo4 Tu4 Th4 Fr4
15:15(20’+5′) Mo5 Tu5 Th5 Fr5
16:10(45’+5′) Heavy ion results (ALICE) Tevatron milestones SUSY results (ATLAS&CMS) Auger
17:00(20’+5′) Mo6 Tu6 Th6 Fr6
17:25(20’+5′) Mo7 Tu7 Th7 Fr7
17:50(20’+5′) Mo8 Tu8 Th8 Fr8
18:15-19:30 Reception & Poster Poster ————– Concert ————
20:00-22:00 Banquet

Overview talks

Higgs Physics – Abdelhak Djouadi (Orsay)
Flavor and CP violation – Benjamin Grinstein (U. of California – San Diego)
BSM- Beyond the Standard Model – Eduardo Pontón (Columbia University)
Neutrinos (Theory) – José Valle (University of Valencia)
Perturbative QCD – Gavin Salam (CERN)
Nonperturbative QCD– Joachim Bartels (DESY)
Dark Matter – Graciela  Gelmini (U. of California – Los Angeles)

Higgs results – ATLAS – F. Monticelli (U. La Plata)
Higgs results – CMS – X. Janssen (U. Antwerp)
Exotica results – ATLAS/CMS – F. Yumiceva (Florida Institute of Technology)
Heavy flavor results – ATLAS/CMS – C. Escobar (U. Pittsburgh)
QCD results – ATLAS/CMS – L. Sulak (Boston U.)
SUSY results – ATLAS/CMS – M. Dova (La Plata)
Heavy Ion – ALICE/ATLAS/CMS – Jun Takahashi (Unicamp)
LHCb – Kazuyoshi Akiba (U. Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
Neutrinos – Thierry Lasserre (Saclay)
Dark Matter – Elena Aprile (U. of Columbia)
New results from the Auger Observatory – Ronald Shellard (CBPF)
Tevatron milestones – Eduard de la Cruz Burelo (Cinvestav)

Specialized talks

Mo1: Jet fragmentation in heavy ion collisions (C. B. Mariotto, FURG)
Mo2: Some consequences of a proposed local and gauge invariant version of QCD (A. Cabo, Instituto de Cibernetica Matematica y Fisica)
Mo3: QCD effective charge and the structure function F_2 at small-x (E. G. S. Luna, UFRGS)
Mo4: Nonlinear evolution for Pomeron fields (C. Contreras, UFTSM)
Mo5: Exclusive and diffractive physics with CMS (A. V. Pereira, UERJ)
Mo6: Heavy ion physics with CMS at the LHC (M. Malek, UERJ)
Mo7: Heavy ion physics with ATLAS(M. Donadelli, USP)
Mo8: Charmonium in matter (Gastão Krein, IFT)

Tu1: Scalar new physics and Higgs couplings (J. L. Diaz-Cruz, U. of Puebla)
Tu2: Top quark effects in composite vector pair production at the LHC (A. Cárcamo Hernandez, UTFSM)
Tu3: Higgses masses in some supersymmetric 331 models (M. C. Rodriguez, FURG)
Tu4: Localization of fermions in different domain wall models (O. Castillo-Felisola, UTFSM)
Tu5: R-parity breaking and baryon number violation from anomalous U(1)_H (O. Zapata, U. of Antioquia)
Tu6: On the quantum chromodynamics of a massive vector field in the adjoint representation (A. R. Zerwekh, UTFSM)
Tu7: Heavy quarks bound states and their radiative decays at the LHC (V. Bashiry, Cyprus International U., Turkey)
Tu8: Probing neutralino properties in minimal supergravity with bilinear R-parity violation (D. Restrepo, U. of Antioquia)

We1: ANDES: agua negra deep experiment site (C. Dib, UTFSM)

Th1: S_4 flavored CP symmetry for neutrinos (C. Nishi, U. Federal ABC)
Th2: Neutrinoless double beta decay at the LHC (J. C. Helo, UTFSM)
Th3: Constraining sterile neutrinos with AMANDA and IceCube atmospheric neutrino data (O. Peres, Unicamp)
Th4: Recent results at Miniboone on neutrino oscillations (A. Aguilar-Arevalo – ICN/UNAM)
Th5: Current status of the Neutrino Angra Project: monitoring nuclear reactors with antineutrino detectors (J. dos Anjos, CBPF)
Th6: Recent results from Daya Bay (P. Ochoa, Berkeley)
Th7: Potential of a neutrino detector in ANDES (H. Nunokawa, PUC-Rio)
Th8: Majorana neutrinos in dense matter and strong magnetic fields (M. Dvornikov, USP)

Fr1: Supersymmetry with a sister Higgs (D. Alves, FNAL)
Fr2: Dark radiation in the Peccei-Quinn augmented MSSM (A. Lessa, USP)
Fr3: Scalar resonance effects on the $B_s – \bar B_s$ mixing angle (B. El-Bennich, U. Cruzeiro do Sul)
Fr4: Search for high-mass resonances decaying to dileptons with the ATLAS detector (A. Nepomuceno, UFF)
Fr5: Towards brane-antibrane inflation in type IIA string theory: the holographic MQCD model – (H. Nastase, IFT-UNESP)
Fr6: Revisiting the S-matrix approach to the open superstring low energy effective lagrangian (R. Medina, U. Itajubá)
Fr7: One loop rational part of scattering amplitudes by on shell methods (A. R. Fazio, U. Nacional)
Fr8: Geometric deformation in the brane-world and (microscopic) black holes (J. Ovalle, U. Simon Bolivar)

Session Coordinators

. Magno Machado (morning 10th)
. Beatriz Ducati (afternoon 10th)
. Marta Losada (morning 11th)
. João dos Anjos (afternoon 11th)
. Alexis Aguilar (morning 12th)
. Tere Dova (morning 13th)
. Leandro de Paula (afternoon 13th)
. Jorge Ovalle (morning 14th)
. Claudio Dib (afternoon 14th)